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Announcement Hut

In May 2020, local roofer and Exmouth Town goalkeeper, Chrissy Wright, volunteered to refurbish the old BBQ area.

The rest of the volunteers working at ground watched in awe as, what we thought was going to be a straight refurb, turned into a thing of beauty! With the help of Dean Hepburn, the BBQ turned into an outside announcement hut, DJ booth and food outlet in the beer garden. Whilst doing the work, Chris asked if the ETSC could sort out a new concrete path in front of the hut. This was achieved by Mark Lever with a little help from Mark Tanton. Flowers were provided courtesy of Martin and Lynn Cook.

Since completion, we have managed to run some music tests from the hut with the help of Dave Rowland and his PA system. We’re looking forward to listening to some top tunes coming out of the new hut.

Announcement Hut
Announcement Hut Path

A big thanks to Chris Wright Roofing and our other volunteers for all their help with this project. Another superb job completed.

For your own roofing jobs, Chris Wright Roofing can be reached via or on mobile number 07590 987659.