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The Mufftown Causals

The MTC are an informal group of supporters following Exmouth Town FC. Just coming along to the ground, watching games, attending events and enjoying the social environment around the club will mean you ar a member of the MTC.

Exmouth Town Supporters Club

Joining the ETSC means you will become a member of the official supporters club representing the MTC. Please read about what membership means and what we are trying to achieve here.

A list of membership benefits is available here.

Joining the Exmouth Town Supporters Club

We welcome new members. However, we do ask for a minimum donation of £2 per month, or £24 per year to be collected by standing order from your bank account. All of the money we collect will be used to the benefit of supporters of Exmouth Town FC and facilities at the club. We will not be taking personal administration fees or financing the club directly.

To join the offical Exmouth Town Supporters Club, please complete the form below. We will then send you details of the club bank account so that you can set up your standing order. We are in the process of looking into the possibility of setting up payment via Paypal for ease of use, although there are associated fees in doing so, and we prefer all of he money you donate to go for the purposes for which it was donated.

A PDF printable version of the membership application form is available here. Please return completed paper forms to committee members directly or leave for collection at Exmouth Town FC.

Application Form

(All members should be 18 years or older. Multiple membership is applicable for two or more members to be paid with a single payment reference. )
(Only applicable for multiple membership.)
(Please supply your address so that we can send out your membership card(s) if we are unable to give them to you personally.)
(We require your email address so that we can send very occasional emails to thank you for your contribution and update you on our news, events, merchandise and projects. Please supply email addresses for all applicants.)
(Only applicable for multiple membership.)
(Please give an indication of how much you are willing to donate. Our suggested minimum donation is £2 per month (£24 annually) for individual membership. Multiple memebership requires a minimum of £2 per person per month.)
(We require a bank payment reference that you will add when setting up your standing order. We recommend using your Initial(s) and Surname. however, it does need to be unique. This is so that we can see who is making continued payments to the supporters club.)
(This agreement means that you have read and accept the information contained within the ETSC policies and understand your rights.)

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