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Hopefully, this website will bring some meaning to the joys, trials and tribulations of supporting a football club like Exmouth Town, the successes and failures of following your team; the struggles of running a club at the lower echelons of the football league pyramid; the oddballs and their dogs who follow non-league football; and the goodwill and happy nature of the supporters who follow it, volunteer to help their club, and enjoy a good pint at the end of the day.

You’ll see none of those prima donna players on thousands of pounds a week that operate in the Premiershite (please forgive my mis-spelling), none of those multi-millionaire chairman, and certainly none of those glorious stadia purpose-built with a match ticket likely to cost you the best part of a day’s wages or more.

Welcome to grounds where you’ll get muddy feet, a hot cup of tea, and very little in the way of any aggro; where you’ll be able to mingle with your players and your chairman, and generally have a good time making and chatting to good friends after a game. Be warned, though, once you’re in, that’s it, you’re hooked!

Here’s to what, hopefully, will be a fun website to land on and a great supporters club to belong to. I have a number of plans on how I can develop this website, but would also be glad of any contributions. So, if you have any stories or images of Exmouth Town FC, their supporters, or even non-league football in general, I’d be happy to receive them. Please use our contact page and I will respond as soon as I am able. UTT!

Your Rights and Our Website

Where our website inadvertantly causes embarrasment or offence, you have the right to complain or request that a web page, information or images are removed from the website, or amended in accordance with your demands. Under these circumstances, the relevant data will be suspended until your complaint can be formally reviewed. The Exmouth Town Supporters Club committee will determine if your complaint should be upheld. Any decision will be final, failing further intervention from any higher authority. Please contact us if you have concerns regarding the content of our website.

Please find more general information on Exmouth Town Supporters Club and your rights here.

Our Webmaster


This website was designed and built by Bill Edmunds with content and images contributed by the ETSC committee, ETSC official members, other Mufftown Casuals and Exmouth Town FC.

Bill has previously worked at the University of Exeter for 38 years, managing the technical aspects of the university website from concept until retiring in January 2018.

As a retired person, Bill still manages to keep busy on various projects. However, if you would like advice or help in setting up a website, he may be willing to assist given the right encouragement. Please contact Bill for further information.