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Our Projects 2022

Our Projects 2021

As a committee, we clearly need to bear in mind the wants and needs of our members and Exmouth Town Football Club. Needless to say, this was one of the main reasons for setting up an official supporters club.

Any plans that we do have generally involve a commitment and voluntary work from members of the Exmouth Town Supporters Club and the Mufftown Casuals to manage and run each project. Secondly, each project requires funding and, therefore, we will need to prioritise our projects on what is practical and what is achievable within our resources. Where possible, we are seeking grant funding and engagement with project partners from local busniesses and friends of the both the football club and the supporters club. However, we continue to raise funds through our membership and merchandise sales, as well as specific project donations from individual members and their businesses towards particular projects.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in our projects both as volunteer helpers and funding providers, as well as the many other examples of work carried out at the football club by volunteers both in terms of time and loans or use of equipment and materials.

Below, you will find some of the details about our projects. These are not listed in any particular order or priority. In many cases, our new projects require the full support from and engagement with the football club before we are able to proceed. We are keen to take input from our members, so if you have ideas to put forward to the committee, please contact us directly or via our contact webpage.

Aside from our projects, we are also continually linvolved in volunteering and completing various tasks at the football club. We are continuing to seek business partners to help with our efforts to plan events and benefits for our members.

Project Sub-Projects Description
Hot Water Boiler
(Completed March 2021)
Acquire, install and fit.Following some issues with the urn in the tea hut, the supporters club received a request to help with increasing capacity for a half time cuppa.
Disabled Parking Spaces
(Completed June 2021)
Obtain disabled parking signage.
Dig up existing area of car park.
Relay disabled car parking spaces.
Apply disable parking line markings and signage.
This was a fairly obvious requirement for our disabled supporters that has recently been completed. Initially the project was to mount signage and disabled parking bays against the clubhouse. However, with the development of turnstiles we have been able to obtain funding and support to relay the carpark adjacent to the turnstiles and create 3 new disabled parking bays. Further details of the project will be made available soon.
(Completed June 2021)
Concrete base for turnstile housing.
Refurbish turnstiles,
Build wooden turnstile hut.
Fit roof.
Install power and lighting.
As from mid May 2020, the Exmouth Town Supporters Club have taken on the responsibility for installing the turnstiles at the ground. Again, we have been successful in gaining funding and support to complete the project following a significant effort by all concerned. Further details of the project will be made available soon.
Turnstile Entrance Paving
(Completed May 2021)
Removal of old tarmac.
Lay paver entrance.
Install boundary railiing.
A new entrance path was required to support the new turnstale entrance. THe new paved area was installed by ETSC Chairman, Jim Wallace.
Turnstile Entrance Fence
(Completed October 2020)
A new fence alongside the turnstile entrance was kindly supplied and built by Mark Upcott.
Annoucement/Food and Drinks Hut
(Completed 2021)
Refurbished BBQ Area
New Concrete Path
Local roofer and ETFC goalkeeper, Chrissy Wright, volunteered to refurbish the old BBQ area. To support this a new concrete path in front of the hut was laid. Further details of the project are available here.
Big Screen and TV Projector
(Completed May 2021, external screen requirements may be reviewed)
Assess requiremnts for internal and external screen capability.
Install TV projector and screen.
Install tilt and turn mounting brackets on existing TV screens.
We believe this will significantly enhance the clubhouse for the benefit of supporters, players and visitors. We have received kind donations of a TV projector and screen. These have been fitted in the clubhouse by Jim Wallace. Follwing replacement of the TV brackets with tilt and turn TV brackets, we believe the viewing experience within the clubhouse has been significantly improved. The club now has 4 screens inside, and following BT Sport being installed by the football club, we are able to show some of the summer’s sporting events in the clubhouse. A 55″ TV was donated to ETSC and where possible this has been used to add a screen in the beer garden, although this has not been entirely successful due to sunlight affecting visibility.
Picnic Benches
(Completed March 2021, further to be provided)
Provide 4 picnic benches
Add 4 more picnic benches
The supporters club have built and supplied 4 picnic benches into the beer garden follwing a kind donation from Martin Rice. Following the success of these, 4 more benches have now been provided.
Barrel Tables and Planters
(Completed May 2021)
Acquire and refurbished barrels.
Supply plants for half barrel planters
Three barrels have been provided to increase available table space within the beer garden. These were refurbished and table tops added from old cable drums. Two half barrel planters and plants were donated by Bill Edmunds.
Plant pots and plants
(Completed (April 2021)
A number of plant pots and associated plants to brighten up the beer garden have been kindly donated by Martin and Lynn Cook.
Water Harvesting
(Phase 1 completed March 2021, phase 2 is currently at the planning stage)
Installation of guttering and downpipes.
Acquire and install IBC tanks for water collection.
Provide petrol driven water pump and sprinklers.
Apply for grant funding.
The purpose of this project is provide a source of water for the pitch without incurring significant costs from South West Water. Richard Acca kindly installed guttering and downpipes on the 3 stands. A number of IBC tanks were obtained to contain the collected rainwater and a pump and fittings were provided from ETSC funds for teh groundsman. The system is now providing water for the pitch and we are currently planning further improvements to the system.
Concrete Path
(Completed August 2020)
Removal of existing concrete path.
Installation of new concrete path.
The existing concrete path between the tea hut and the pitch was in poor condition and was problematic for wheelchair users. The damaged path was removed and replaced with a new concrete path.
Patio Hardstanding
(Pending discussion with ETFC board of directors)
The grassed area in front of the clubhouse is a fantastic resource for the club but the slabbed area in front of the clubhouse is in poor condition. The committee would like to see this area improved and extended. Of course, this will mean raising significant funding and seeking agreement from the football club before we can proceed.
Support the Youth Teams at Warren View
(Formulating plans)
ETSC are keen to support and assist the youth team endeavours at Warren View. We are currently determing requirements and considering what support we can offer.
Covered Disabled Area
(Deferred following initial analysis of requirements and costs
Strictly, this is a project for the club to pursue as grant funding should be available. However, we feel that we may be able to assist with some of the groundwork in determining the availability of grant funding and assist with any associated costs.

Small Projects

Youth Team First Aid KitsRefresh First Aid Kits for all ETFC youth teams for season 2020-21.Completed 2020
Third Team Drinks bottlesProvide drinks bottles for the thrid team for season 2020-21Completed 2020
Disabled HandrailsHandrails have been supplied and installed into teh diabled toilet facilities.Completed 2020
General maintenanceA number of general maintenance tasks have been undertaken, primarily by Jim Wallace.Completed 2021

To realise our aims, we need to raise funds through your donations alongside our fundraising through events and mechandising. Please support your club!