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About the Exmouth Town Supporters Club

The Exmouth Town Supporters Club (ETSC) is the official supporters club of Exmouth Town FC. The supporters club initially came about from an idea by Bill Edmunds in January 2020 who believed that the existing informal supporters group and club volunteers, known as the Mufftown Casuals, could do more to support and assist the club by coordinating and enhancing fundraising activities with specific projects in mind. The aim being to improve the social and matchday experience, as well as the football facilities, at the football club.

Duncan Hamilton, who had already run a number of fundraising events and activities for the Mufftown Casuals, and Martin Cook, who had been operating in a supporter liaison role with the club and acting as the social media person, soon came on board and the Exmouth Town Supporters Club was borne.

A subsequent meeting with football club chairman, Stuart Shaw, and vice-chairman, Adam Fitzgerald, provided the necessary support and backing to set the wheels in motion.

Having prepared a club logo, constitution and set of objectives, our next goal was to set up a bank account, set up a website, and form a committee. Club stalwart, Jim Wallace, volunteered to take on the role of chairman, with Tony Snelgrove agreeing to take on the role of Disability Access Officer. With Bill, Duncan and Martin taking on the other roles, our first committee had been formed. Bill Edmunds also assuming responsibility for developing the website.

The role of the committee is to coordinate the fundraising activities, set up and manage a supporters’ membership scheme, encourage membership and sponsorship, manage the supporters club’s finances, manage the supporters club’s website, enhance the supporters’ experience of social media, formulate plans on how best the group can support the football club environment by running supporter events and improving facilities for supporters, visitors, players, club officers and the local community.

ETSC is currently (February 2020) in its infancy, but we are already planning ahead for future events and merchandise. Please see our news pages for further information. We seek to keep our members informed and involved as much as possible, by empowering the army of volunteers in the Mufftown Casuals. The committee is already formulating ideas for specific projects and as soon as we have agreed these, they will be published on our website.

For anyone wishing to join or sponsor the Exmouth Town Supporters club please see our membership application and sponsorship web pages.

Membership Benefits

We are currently working on our benefits package. We hope to include free or reduced price entry to ETSC events, discounted away match travel, discounts with local shops and businesses, and possibly discounted merchandise.

Our full list of members benefits will appear here when agreed.